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What does the Text@ service do? Article rated 3.0/5.0
If you are interested in sending text messages or picture text messages to cell phones, our service is a very inexpensive way to accomplish this. You send us the phone numbers of the cell phones...
What information is returned by the Text@ service? Article rated 3.3/5.0
For each phone number you send, the service will send back the name of the carrier and whether the phone number is wireless or landline. If the phone number is to a wireless phone, the service w...
Does your service take number portability into account? Article rated 3.0/5.0
  Yes, we have real-time access to number portability data for all countries which offer number portability.      
How can I access the service? Article rated 3.0/5.0
Once you sign up, you have three options. You can type-in the phone numbers one-by-one via our website, you can upload the phone numbers to us in a text file, or you can use our API to integrate...
Do you guys send text messages? Article rated 3.2/5.0
No, we provide you with the e-mail addresses so that you can send the messages yourself.
How do I send the text messages out? Article rated 3.0/5.0
Once our service supplies you with the e-mail addresses, you can send the messages as you would regular e-mails (in text format, not HTML).
How big can a text message be? Article rated 3.0/5.0
The maximum SMS length is 160 characters. MMS messages can be much larger.
How can people reply to the text messages I send? Article rated 3.0/5.0
Most carriers don't support this when sending SMS messages via their SMS gateways. But, from our testing, it seems that most carriers do support this when sending MMS messages. When a customer r...
How can I send picture-texts and other types of MMS messages? Article rated 3.0/5.0
While most people realize they can send text messages via the carriers' email gateways, most don't realize that they can send multimedia messages as well. Many carriers have two separate email d...
Do you have any information about the USA spam laws, and what I need to do to stay compliant? Article rated 4.3/5.0
Text messages sent to wireless phones via email (SMTP) are covered by the Can-Spam act of 2003. This act prohibits sending unwanted commercial e-mail messages to wireless devices without prior ...
How much does the service cost? Article rated 2.5/5.0
There's a $12 per month membership fee, and each transaction costs $0.006 US for phone numbers in the USA and Canada.
What countries are supported by Text@ Article rated 3.0/5.0
  Text@ currently works for USA and Canadian* phone numbers.   * Due to new regulations in Canada, Data24-7 cannot provide local number portabiliy data for Canadian phone numbers to cus...
Do you receive confirmation when an sms email is sent? Article rated 3.0/5.0
We don't send-out any SMS messages. Text@ gives you the email address and you have to send the email yourself.  Unfortunately, there is no delivery confirmation for sending messages this way.
Why am I not receiving any usable e-mail-to-sms gateway addresses when using your Text@ product? Article rated 3.2/5.0
The Text@ service can only return the email-to-sms gateway addresses for mobile phone numbers, since the gateway addresses don't exist for landline.  In the result file you received, there's a co...
Do you gaurantee that the information returned on a cell number is accurate? Article rated 3.0/5.0
No. We don't offer any guarantee. But we get the carrier-lookup information from the same source that the wireless carriers themselves use for routing their customers' text messages.  So the ca...
Where can I get a list of the carriers and carrier ids that are supported by Text@? Article rated 3.0/5.0
You can find a list of the carriers and carrier ids for Text@ on our wiki site:  

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